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National parks encompass vast landscapes, seashores, mountains, rivers, deserts, and hundreds of historical and cultural sites. Protecting these places is truly a monumental undertaking and the National Park Foundation (NPF) is invested in their success now and in the future.

How We Help

America’s national parks were established to preserve our country’s greatest collection of natural, historic, and cultural treasures. NPF is dedicated to the promise that our national parks, and all they possess, are protected forever. NPF programs help protect the over 400 national parks across the country through the conservation of landscapes and wildlife populations, innovative changes that will make parks more resilient and sustainable, the preservation of the stories and places that make up our unique American history, and the expansion of access to our parks. NPF is dedicated to supporting our parks and ensuring they thrive and inspire wonder for generations to come.


  • In 2019 alone, NPF supported the building and maintenance of 420 miles of trails, protected the habitat of 14 species, restored 190 miles of waterways, and planted over 71,000 trees and vegetation
  • Since 2009, NPF has supported recycling efforts at the National Mall and Memorial Parks in our nation’s capital, from the placement of recycling bins and education programs to a waste stream analysis that kicked off in 2019
  • From the work to donate the birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to the National Park Service to the donation of funds to develop educational materials for Stonewall National Monument, NPF continues to support projects and programs that honor the legacies of American trailblazers

How You Can Help

For more than 50 years, NPF has played a vital role in generating philanthropic support for parks. By donating to the National Park Foundation, you support programs like these that help protect our country’s greatest collection of natural, historic, and cultural treasures.

The Programs

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National Park Foundation programs are crucial to the continued growth of our national parks—and you are crucial to their ongoing success.