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Photographing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from an off-road wheelchair


Accessibility for All Americans

Photographing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from an off-road wheelchair
NPS Photo / Jacob W. Frank


Ensuring everyone can access and experience national parks.

Ensuring our national parks are open and inclusive to everyone safeguards a vibrant, thriving future for the parks. Funds secured today can ensure all Americans with disabilities participate in the life and ecosystem of our national parks. Funding is needed for two primary reasons: 1) to conduct a study to learn what is needed for our broad community of people living with disabilities and 2) to help transform infrastructure and educational materials to deliver on a promise of accessibility for all. Employing universal design throughout the system, the National Park Service (NPS) will be able to better support people with unique needs ranging from reading materials, access to trails, and programming.

Program Highlights

A view of Devils Tower from the boulder field by the Tower Trail
Improvements at Devils Tower

This project was completed to ensure the most densely utilized areas of Devil’s Tower will be widely accessible to all visitors. From trails to signage to the visitor center, universal design will be used to reimagine how NPS communicates and supports visitors with differentiated learning needs. Funding will create inclusive and accessible interpretive signage along with accessible trails and a visitor center equipped with the most updated accessible materials. With nearly 500,000 visitors each year, it’s critical to ensure everyone can equally enjoy all elements of the park.

Program Updates