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A group of kids walk along a path with their arms outstretched
Area of Work

Youth Engagement & Education

Encouraging a new generation of park stewards

Our national parks are America’s largest classroom, providing our children with eye-opening and hands-on learning experiences. By supporting the National Park Foundation, you’re helping the next generation engage with the places that shaped you.

A group of students and park ranger gather and raise a hand
Field Trips Open New Doors to Urban Parks
PT Lathrop has a big goal: serve 20,000 students in one year.
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From an early age, the national parks play a huge role in our personal growth. They connect us to nature and our nation’s history in incredible ways. The National Park Foundation's (NPF) Youth Engagement & Education programs are how we can ensure the parks have just as big of an impact on the next generation. With curriculums and experiences that bring to life what they learn in the classroom, these programs give kids the chance to connect with nature in new ways. To understand our country’s history more deeply. And to make memories that will last a lifetime.

In the distance, a group of kids walk along a beach
By the Numbers
  • 1
    Million Kids
    Since 2011, more than 1 million kids have been connected to our national parks through the Open OutDoors for Kids program.
  • 32
    Park Sites
    In 2020, our Open OutDoors for Kids program expanded to support virtual and hybrid field trips in 32 national park sites.
Premier Partner
  • Union Pacific Railroad
    As the largest private sponsor of Open OutDoors for Kids, Union Pacific Railroad is proud to encourage young adventurers to explore America’s national parks.
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Additional program support provided by Columbia Sportswear Company, Humana, Maverik, Parks Project, and Sierra.
A group of kids and adults walk along a trail into a sparse forest
Help Create More Learning Opportunities

When you support NPF and our partners, you’re giving students nationwide more chances to experience our parks in new and exciting ways, including parks as classrooms in which to learn and grow. Help inspire the next generation of conservationists, historians, and advocates.

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