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Wetland and marsh


Conserving Water

Voyageurs National Park
NPS Photo


Reducing water use to address climate change in parks.

It is our responsibility to preserve fresh water — a vital limited resource that preserves park ecosystems — while reaping the simultaneous benefits of reduction in energy use from water treatment and transport. Potable water, also known as drinking water, has gone through treatment to remove chemicals and contaminants that make it safe to use. Potable water can be used for drinking, cooking, and is what comes out of faucets and toilets. This water must go through rounds of treatment to make it safe, which requires substantial amounts of energy.

Using less water therefore results in less energy use – a win-win for parks and the environment.

NPF supports NPS goals to reduce potable water use through projects such as:

  • retrofitting faucets and toilets with low flow/water efficient versions
  • reducing landscape water use
  • installing rainwater catchment systems
  • employee and visitor education and interpretation