Community Partnerships

The National Park Foundation is a national leader in the field of park philanthropy. The Foundation’s community partnerships team provides strategic support and valuable resources to help mobilize a myriad of organizations across the country: non-profit philanthropic park partners (or “Friends Groups”), volunteer groups, cooperating associations, service corps and other park allies. These organizations foster deeper engagement between people and parks and share the common goal of enhancing America’s national parks for present and future generations. Together, we are all committed to the continued protection, connection, and engagement with our national parks.

Philanthropic partners are a big reason why many national parks are vibrant places to learn, work and play. The National Park Foundation plays an integral role in helping to grow and support the continued success of philanthropic park partners by offering a range of technical assistance options and helpful online tools. To learn more about philanthropic park partners and how NPF supports them, please visit Local Park Support.

The National Park Foundation also supports the National Park Friends Alliance, an informal union of philanthropic park partners and park officials that meet bi-annually to discuss relevant issues and share best practices in park partnership. The Foundation provides technical, financial, and administrative support for these convenings.

A collection of materials, webinars, recordings, and additional guidance on national park partnerships can be found in the Community Partnerships Resource Center.

Local Park Support
Local philanthropic park partners are invaluable to all parks. We encourage you to learn more and get involved.
National Park Friends Alliance
The Friends Alliance is a volunteer network of Friends Group leaders who connect and share around park philanthropy, best practices, and stewardship of our national parks.