Community Partnerships

The National Park Foundation is a national leader in the field of park philanthropy. The Community Partnerships team provides strategic support and valuable resources to help mobilize a myriad of organizations across the country: non-profit philanthropic park partners (or “Friends Groups”), volunteer groups, cooperating associations, service corps, and other park allies. These organizations foster deeper engagement between people and parks and share the common goal of enhancing America’s national parks for present and future generations. Together, we are all committed to the continued protection, connection, and engagement with our national parks. To learn more about philanthropic park partners, please visit Local Park Support

Our Work

  • Strong Parks, Strong Communities – A program created to support the local philanthropic organizations across the country that provides peer-to-peer learning and capacity-building opportunities.  
  • Park Partner Resource Portal – Many resources available to partners for various topics such as board development, fundraising, communication, government relations, and more. If you are interested in receiving access to the portal, please email us with this request. 
  • Park Partners Newsletter & Updates – You can subscribe to our monthly Park Partners Newsletter, which highlights news related to national parks, resources from the field, features the work of partners like you, and provides important announcements from NPF and the Friends Alliance. 
  • Park Partner Stories – Learn more about the great work partners are doing by reading our Park Partner Stories blog. 
  • National Park Friends Alliance – The Friends Alliance, supported by NPF, is an informal union of philanthropic park partners and park officials that meet bi-annually to discuss relevant issues and share best practices in park partnership. 
  • Events – The National Park Friends Alliance, National Park Service, and National Park Foundation are looking forward to a return to an in-person gathering for the Fall 2022 Friends Alliance Meeting. Check back for more information in the coming months.

To learn more about NPF’s Community Partnerships work, please contact us by email at [email protected]. For more information on National Park Service Partnerships, visit NPS Partnerships

Local Park Support
Learn more about philanthropic park partners and how NPF supports them.
National Park Friends Alliance
A volunteer network of Friends Group leaders who connect and share around park philanthropy, best practices, and stewardship of our national parks.
Strong Parks, Strong Communities
A partnership between the National Park Foundation, National Park Service, and Friends Alliance to support the local philanthropic organizations.