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Our Commitment to DEI

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Our Vision Statement

The National Park Foundation (NPF) envisions a future where everyone feels a sense of belonging in America’s national parks and has access to park-related experiences.

The National Park Foundation occupies a unique role as the Congressionally chartered, philanthropic partner of the National Park Service (NPS). Through that role, NPF works to advance priority projects and programs of the Department of Interior (DOI) and the National Park Service (NPS) to amplify the value of America’s national parks for current and future generations. Consistent alignment with DOI and NPS is essential to NPF’s success.

NPF defines diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as the presence of differences across many identities, promoting justice, impartiality and fairness, and a desired state where all feel welcomed. NPF recognizes that the stories of all Americans are not adequately represented in the national parks and that many factors impede the ability for all people to connect with and be inspired by America’s national parks. NPF believes national parks have the potential to stand as a living testament to the expansive and ever-evolving story of American history to better reflect the contributions of all communities in our country and as places where all people feel welcome and connected. Working collaboratively with DOI and NPS, NPF strives to make this potential a reality.

The National Park Foundation recognizes that in order to advance its mission, it must express and integrate the values of DEI in its organizational culture, through its work with partners, and through its grantmaking. This statement defines NPF’s commitment to take action:
  • to advance DEI values throughout NPF,
  • to expand and broaden DEI into NPF’s programmatic work, including with our partners, and
  • to strive to ensure that all people both see themselves in the stories our national parks tell and feel a sense of belonging in our national parks.

Internally, the National Park Foundation commits to fostering, cultivating and expanding a culture of DEI. NPF believes in a workplace where staff feel supported and empowered, and where diversity is valued. NPF acknowledges that diverse voices enrich NPF’s decision-making. NPF is committed to broadening its integration of DEI values in all aspects of the organization (i.e., governance, HR, procurement, fundraising, programs, media, leadership, etc.)

Externally, the National Park Foundation commits to leveraging its voice, impact and leadership

  • to ensure its work with the National Park Service and its partners gives voice to the stories of all Americans in a shared dialogue of this nation and its history;
  • to make national parks welcoming for all people, creating a greater sense of belonging in national parks, and enabling opportunities for all Americans to experience their national parks;
  • to grow and build partnerships with diverse park partners and communities.

The National Park Foundation believes in the evergreen nature of this work and the need to continuously evolve and grow, further ensuring that NPF will always be a more inclusive and equitable place for staff and a more inclusive partner for its community.