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Tania C Parra Ramírez holds a clipboard


Tania C Parra Ramírez, Mosaics in Science Intern in 2020 at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
NPS Photo


Fostering passions into careers that directly support our parks.

Internships play a critical role in developing the talent pool of diverse, enthusiastic, motivated, and highly skilled young people who are next in line to take care of the more than 400 national park sites that make up the national park system. Investing in internships now will ensure that as many young people as possible build valuable professional experiences while also developing an affinity for our public lands.

From biologists to historians, curators to archeologists, budget analysts to transportation planners – there is no shortage of opportunities to make a difference on behalf of our national parks. Internship programs combine students’ academic backgrounds with opportunities to gain on-the-job leadership and skill development. Whether in the field or in an office, these career building positions fill critical National Park Service (NPS) needs while inspiring and training the next generation of conservationists, cultural resource managers, digital content specialists, educators, and more.

Program Highlights

Visitor stands on a bridge and looks out onto a canal at sunset
internXL Internship Program

NPF, Fund II Foundation, NPS, and the Greening Youth Foundation are partnering to increase the opportunities for BIPOC individuals to participate in internships at NPS through the internXL program. This program allows for young adults to learn more about NPS, while developing the strengths, skills, and passions for future career opportunities.

Two people look closely at a branch of a tree
Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program

This program provides college students and recent graduates that come from communities under-represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) career fields with on-the-ground, natural resource, and science-based work experience in national parks. This entry level internship focuses on career exploration and building fundamental natural resource science skills.

Trinity Battle
Historically Black Colleges & Universities Internship Program

This internship opportunity is designed to motivate program participants to get involved in protecting the natural and cultural resources in their communities and beyond. The program also enhances participants’ understanding and appreciation of African Americans’ important contributions to the United States’ development and progress while gaining exposure to the gamut of career opportunities in NPS related to public land management.

Program Updates