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Two people sit at the top of a mountain, above clouds. They wear orange helmets and one curls a bicep
Walking Through Clouds

How a 17-year-old from Southwest D.C. found confidence 2,000 miles from home and 13,000 feet in the air.

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  • Two people, wearing matching blue shirts, work on a trail. One holds a shovel and digs into the ground while another holds a rake.
    “We’re Still Here”

    Through a collaboration between the Ramapough Luunape, local nonprofits, and NPF, a service corps crew is helping restore access to ancestral land along the Musconetcong Wild and Scenic River.

  • A group of people walk along a dock
    Latino Leaders Create Community Outdoors

    The founder of Latino Outdoors Boston is bringing her community together in national parks - embracing "cultura y familia” outdoors.

  • A group of people, working under a pop-up tent, put together a wooden structure
    Restoring Timucuan

    How a group of park rangers, scientists, and teenagers are working together to restore Timucuan's shorelines.

  • 2019 National Christmas Tree, illuminated
    100 Years of the National Christmas Tree

    The National Christmas Tree is often measured in numbers. Over 13,000 feet (or 2.5 miles) of lights strung end-to-end, 63,750 individual LED bulbs, and 400+ ornaments. This season’s ceremony commemorates another number – the 100th lighting of the National Christmas Tree.

  • A large group of people pose for a photo outside a single-story building
    Finding Pride Outside

    How the LGBTQ community is overcoming barriers, finding joy, sharing history, and creating space outdoors.