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A wooden path leads upwards towards an earthern mound
Protecting the Ancestral Landscape of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation

200 years after the tribe was forcibly removed, the National Park Service, the tribe, and other partners are conserving over 1,000 additional acres of ancestral land.

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  • A group of people walk along a dock
    Latino Leaders Create Community Outdoors

    The founder of Latino Outdoors Boston is bringing her community together in national parks - embracing "cultura y familia” outdoors.

  • A group of people, wearing matching blue tshirts, fish off a dock
    Gone Fishing

    Fishing clinics help military families build community and a connection to nature — a rare constant for families conditioned to change.

  • A group of people, working under a pop-up tent, put together a wooden structure
    Restoring Timucuan

    How a group of park rangers, scientists, and teenagers are working together to restore Timucuan's shorelines.

  • A large group of people pose for a photo outside a single-story building
    Finding Pride Outside

    How the LGBTQ community is overcoming barriers, finding joy, sharing history, and creating space outdoors.

  • A group of people walk along a wooden walkway towards a mountain range featuring a waterfall
    Waste Not, Want Not

    Part of the Subaru-funded Don’t Feed the Landfills Initiative, Yosemite’s composting and fuel cylinder diversion and recycling programs have grown tremendously over the last year. One woman, Tina Moseley, leads the charge.

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By donating to the National Park Foundation, you support programs like these that help ensure that iconic species have the best chance of survival across their native environments, and that the lands and waters set aside within the National Park System remain an abundant resource, promoting ecological diversity throughout our parks.

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