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Solar panels to the left of a one-level visitor center along the edge of a canyon
Area of Work

Resilience & Sustainability

Reducing environmental impact and protecting our parks' resources

The National Park Foundation (NPF), together with our partners, is helping make our parks more resilient and sustainable for the benefit of both parks and the people who love them.

Moseley empties a compost bucket into the communal compost bin at Yosemite Village
Waste Not, Want Not
As part of NPF's Don't Feed the Landfills Initiative, Yosemite National Park is growing their compositing and fuel cylinder diversion and recycling programs
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National parks belong to all of us, and the National Park Foundation (NPF), together with our partners, is making these national treasures more resilient and sustainable for the benefit of both parks and the people who love them. Through this work, NPF is applying innovation and expertise to make park infrastructure more environmentally friendly and sustainable, while enhancing environmental stewardship.

From reducing waste and conserving water resources to powering parks with renewable energy, these programs support work across the National Park System to integrate sustainability practices into all aspects of operations.

The preservation of our parks is central to the National Park Service’s (NPS) mission, and NPS’ Green Parks Plan acts as a road map to build resilient, green infrastructure and educate park visitors on climate change and sustainability. NPF’s Resilience & Sustainability programs reduce environmental impact and protect our parks’ resources for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Recycling bins lined up next to each other
By the Numbers
  • 84
    Water Refill Stations
    Since 2020, NPF has funded the installation of over 84 water refill stations in 13 parks to reduce waste and keep visitors hydrated.
  • 18M
    Pounds of Waste Diverted
    As part of Subaru of America's Don't Feed the Landfills initiative, NPF has helped Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Denali divert over 18 million pounds of waste since 2015.
Premier Partners
  • Coca-Cola
    The Coca-Cola Company’s long-standing support provides critical funds to protect vital natural resources within our national parks and promote sustainable practices.
  • Subaru of America
    The National Park Foundation is proud to recognize Subaru as our largest corporate partner, providing nearly $55 million in support since 2013.
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  • Tupperware®
    As a premier partner of the National Park Foundation’s Resilience and Sustainability initiative, Tupperware® is committed to reducing waste before it begins and keeping our parks green.
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Additional program support provided by Arconic Foundation.
Close up on Joshua Trees
Get Involved in Our Sustainability Efforts

If we want to continue enjoying the waterways and wilderness of our national parks, our community must come together and act now. Find out how you can support NPF’s Sustainability & Resilience programs.

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