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Sidewalk leading around an earthlodge on a sunny day


Native American Fund

Earthlodge at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site
NPS Photo / Victoria Stauffenberg


Strengthening relationships with sovereign tribes to foster collaboration in our parks.

Working with leadership in the National Park Service (NPS), the National Park Foundation’s Native American Fund helps strengthen the relationship between sovereign tribes and our national parks. The program delivers support to priority needs and interests of tribes and national parks, including helping to incorporate more Native voices in storytelling in parks. The program also supports projects that help uncover and share a more authentic history and greater learning from tribal relationships with the land of our parks, as well as those which connect and engage people of Native American descent with their local parks.

Program Highlights

A timber barn surrounded by bison in the valley of mountains
Wind River Stewardship Crew

The Wind River Stewardship Crew, organized by the Montana Conservation Corps, met diverse NPS needs by mobilizing Native American youth from nearby tribal communities as a resource to protect natural and cultural resources and improve park infrastructure in three iconic parks in the Northern Rockies – Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Little Bighorn Battlefield. In so doing, this project connected Indigenous youth from the Wind River Indian Reservation with their ancestral lands and prepared a new generation of Native American land stewards to preserve national parks for current and future generations.

Program Updates