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A flock of herons fly low over marsh lands
Area of Work

Landscape & Wildlife Conservation

Protecting park lands and the species that call them home

The National Park Foundation (NPF) is helping to protect the very things that draw us to national parks: the shared land and natural wonders of our parks.

A wooden path leads upwards towards an earthern mound
Protecting the Ancestral Landscape of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation
200 years after the tribe was forcibly removed, the National Park Service, the tribe, and other partners are conserving over 1,000 additional acres of ancestral land.
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National parks are places of wonder, wilderness, and wildlife. From vulnerable coastal wetlands to imperiled mountainside meadows, our national parks help preserve what matters most, inviting us to learn, explore, and grow. NPF works closely with the National Park Service (NPS) on urgent priorities to preserve landscapes and the habitats and species within them across the country. Together with our partners, NPF is helping safeguard some of the most biologically diverse and significant lands in our nation.

NPF's support of Landscape & Wildlife Conservation programs and projects range from funding wildlife monitoring to helping establish new national park units. Habitat and wildlife projects help study and preserve the remarkable species that call parks home, while land conservation projects ensure that these precious places are cared for in perpetuity by NPS.

A sunset against the streaked dunes of Death Valley

By the Numbers

  • 3,700
    Acres of Vegetation Removed
    In 2022, NPF restored native habitat through the removal of 3,737 acres of invasive vegetation, including restoring streams and canyons in preparation for reintroducing a rare desert frog at Saguaro National Park.
  • 34
    At-Risk Species Protected
    In 2022, NPF helped preserve 34 at-risk species, from the critically endangered California Condor at Redwood and Pinnacles National Parks to the threatened elkhorn coral at Biscayne National Park.
  • 21K
    Acres Acquired
    In 2022, NPF worked with partners to acquire and conserve 21,345 acres of land in national parks, including gateway property at Zion National Park, white sand beaches in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, and remote lakefront at Voyageurs National Park.


Signature Partners

Additional program support provided by Danaher Foundation, Publix Super Markets, and Stericycle.