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A flock of herons fly low over marsh lands
Area of Work

Landscape & Wildlife Conservation

Giving our parks more staying power

Through our robust work supporting landscape and wildlife conservation, NPF utilizes private philanthropy to protect the very things that draw us to national parks: the shared land and natural wonders of our national park system.

a caribou with large antlers
On Track: Research at Denali National Park & Preserve
NPF funding furthers one of the longest-running wildlife monitoring programs in the world.
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National parks are home to a vast array of incredible wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes – a place where grizzly bears roam the streams in search of salmon, condors soar high above the trees, and pikas scamper across mountaintops. Parks tie into the deepest parts of who we are as a people, and draw us outside of ourselves to learn, grow, and wonder. From the iconic vistas of Yosemite, to the rugged red deserts of Zion, to the teeming marshes of Everglades, NPF has worked since 1967 to protect threatened species, protect land from development, and restore ecosystems.

A sunset against the streaked dunes of Death Valley
By the Numbers
  • 185K
    Acres Restored
    In 2021, NPF helped rehabilitate or restore over 185,000 acres of native habitat, through projects like the removal of invasive cattail at Voyageurs National Park, and native pollinator restoration efforts benefitting monarch butterflies in the Grand Canyon.
  • 18
    Species Protected
    In 2021, NPF helped preserve 18 at-risk species in 22 national parks, from the Shenandoah Salamander found only in the mountain tops of Shenandoah National Park, to the Maui Parrotbill, an endangered native forest bird at Haleakala National Park.
  • 567
    Acres Added to the Park System
    In 2021, NPF worked with our partners to acquire and conserve 567 acres of priority land in national parks, including pristine cypress swamp at Congaree National Park, rolling farmland at First State National Historical Park, and remote lakefront at Voyageurs National Park.
A caribou against a mountainous background
We Can’t Take These Resources for Granted

For us, the national parks are a source of beauty, history, and inspiration. For the creatures and plants within them, they are a life source. We’re calling on you to help us protect and restore these vibrant and vulnerable landscapes. See how you can champion our conservation efforts by donating to the National Park Foundation.

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