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a volunteer in a visitor center greets guests

Two organizations that share a common purpose

Our Relationship with the National Park Service

A volunteer at Denali national Park & Preserve greets a guest
NPS Photo / Mary Lewandowski

Each year, close to 320 million people travel from near and far to explore, admire, and appreciate the 400+ national park sites in America. The National Park Service (NPS) protects and preserves over 85 million acres in perpetuity. So much foot traffic across such an expansive network of parks requires significant funding to ensure they remain pristine and welcoming to all.

Since Congress established NPF as the official nonprofit partner of NPS in 1967, we’ve supported parks and the vital work of NPS in a variety of ways. And as parks age and visitation increases, the National Park Foundation (NPF) is uniquely positioned to help fund both the preservation and growth of the National Park Service and all 400+ beloved national parks. Your charitable gifts to NPF help connect youth to outdoor experiences, enhance the visitor experience, restore vulnerable species and habitats, fund research, maintain trails, address backlogged maintenance, and so much more.

How We Support NPS

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    The Means for Maintaining Our Parks
    Fundraising Efforts
    Since their founding, national parks have relied on private philanthropy. This support is essential for maintaining the many trails, visitor centers, and historic structures – and ensuring they’re welcoming and accessible to all. NPF helps address parks’ needs and find passionate individuals and companies who believe our parks are worth investing in.
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    Programming & Special Projects
    Conservation & Connectivity
    We work closely with the National Park Service to identify and help implement projects and programs across parks. By supporting NPF, you’re helping protect wildlife and natural resources. You’re also creating opportunities for everyone to connect to these significant sites that inspire you.
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    Supporting Parks at Every Level
    Community Involvement
    There are some awe-inspiring parks that get the most attention, but many of the greatest needs are in our own communities. NPF collaborates with the more than 450 local Friends Groups to help with outreach and fundraising efforts to ensure these smaller parks continue to have an outsized impact.

Advocacy in Action

See some of the specific ways NPF helps protect the past, present, and future of our parks. And learn how you can get involved in the areas you’re most passionate about.

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    Explore in-depth stories from NPF supported programs and projects in the field.
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    News & Updates
    From press releases to updates from our programs in parks, get all the latest on NPF's work with the National Park Service and other partners.