National Park Week

From April 17-25, the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation invite everyone to celebrate America's treasured places during National Park Week. Join the fun!

We invite you to join us and make a difference for the national parks and programs you love. Whether you give, share, join, or do all three, we’re grateful that you are part of the park community!

With over 400 national parks across the country, National Park Week is a great time to #FindYourPark (o mejor dicho, #EncuentraTuParque), #RecreateResponsibly, and show our treasured national parks that you care. The National Park Foundation is proud to protect wildlife and park lands, preserve history and culture, educate and engage youth, and connect people everywhere to the wonder of parks

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On a covered porch, a painted bench perches, looking inward towards the house and a nearby window.

Porch of birth home at Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

Katie Bricker Photography

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The National Park Foundation will host #ParkChat on Twitter on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET. All park lovers are welcome to share their favorite memories, tips, and stories about national parks using #NationalParkWeek and #ParkChat. 

Join Our Earth Day Virtual Event

Tune in at 1pm ET on Earth Day, April 22, for the virtual event, “The Future of Conservation: Engaging the Next Generation of Public Land Leaders,” and hear directly from leaders about their passion and personal involvement with the conservation movement and how service corps programs support national parks, participants, and local communities. The event will feature remarks by NPF’s President and CEO Will Shafroth, NPS’ Chief of Youth Programs and Experienced Services Division George MacDonald, and The Corps Network CEO Mary Ellen Sprenkel.

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When posting photos to Instagram Stories, search for “National Park Week” or “National Park Foundation” in the stickers search bar to find brand new national park-themed digital stickers, the perfect companion when sharing national park memories.

Join the Celebration

Father and son sitting on the edge of cliff overlooking vast landscape at Grand View Point of Canyonlands National Park during sunset

Canyonlands National Park

iStock / CHBD

April 17: Park Rx Day

Being outdoors supports wellness in a number of ways, making you stronger, happier, healthier, and more productive.  Enjoy some fresh air and reflect on the ways you can take care of the parks as much as they take care of you. Discover NPF programs that are helping parks be more resilient and sustainable, as well as those that contribute to landscape and wildlife conservation.  

April 18: Volunteers in Parks (VIP) Day

From clearing trails to planting trees to assisting archaeologists, volunteers are critical in providing support for NPS. Learn more about how you can volunteer in parks and give thanks to those who help our parks run year-round. NPF helps connect volunteers to organizations and parks that need help the most. Explore NPF communities and workforce programs that help grow the capacity of NPS and our partners. 

April 19: Military Monday

For active-duty military and veterans, as well as their families, national parks can provide a place of solitude, beauty, reflection, and recreation. Discover the stories of veterans and military members that are preserved in parks across the country. NPF helps preserve our military history in national parks and connects veterans and military members to our parks through our work in outdoor exploration as well as communities and workforce.  

April 20: Transformation Tuesday

NPS has been protecting and preserving lands and historic structures for over 100 years! Explore the ways our parks have changed over the years, and the work NPS, NPF, and partners continue to do to transform the way we see our history and connections to the world. Discover NPF’s work in landscape and wildlife conservation, our commitment to preserving history and culture, and investments we’re making in parks of the future to ensure parks are enjoyed by future generations.  

April 21: Wayback Wednesday

With hundreds of historical and cultural sites protected by NPS, there are always new stories to discover. Find a park connected to some of the most inspiring stories in our nation’s multifaceted history. NPF’s continued work in history and culture supports the preservation of historic sites, collections, and artifacts in parks that share these stories, and our support of parks of the future ensures such treasures will be accessible for centuries to come. 

April 22: Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by reflecting upon the natural wonders of our parks and supporting the work we’re doing to ensure the health and vibrancy of our parks. With innovative strategies that make our parks environmentally friendly and sustainable to our work in landscape and wildlife conservation, NPF and partners are dedicated to protecting the natural resources our parks contain. 

April 23: Friendship Friday

Protecting parks is a big job, and NPS relies on partners, groups, and communities to help accomplish their goals. Learn more about those who partner with NPS and NPF and the work that is being done together for our parks, from our park partner community to our corporate partners. Explore NPF’s work in communities and workforce that helps to expand the capacity of parks nationwide, leading to stronger, healthier parks.  

April 24: Junior Ranger Day

NPS’s Junior Ranger programs help young park visitors connect with our shared history, heritage, and national parks. Find a Junior Ranger program in a park near you or earn a digital Junior Ranger badge from home! NPF and our partners have supported the creation of Junior Ranger programs such as the Junior Ranger Angler and Junior Ranger Railroad Explorer and encourage all young visitors to establish meaningful connections in our parks through our work in youth education and engagement and outdoor exploration

April 25: B.A.R.K. Ranger Day

National parks are fun to share with those we love – including man’s best friend. Learn the B.A.R.K. Ranger principles for when you bring Fido on a trip to a pet-friendly park and discover the many roles dogs play in parks. NPF is committed to support programs that help all people feel welcome in our parks, and our work in outdoor exploration encourages multicultural and multigenerational families to spend time outdoors – and maybe bring the family pet along too! 

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