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Three young girls hold up shells and smile for the camera
Open Outdoors for Kids field trip to Santa Monica National Recreation Area
NPF Photo / Nick Agro
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NPF Celebrates 2023 Accomplishments

By Rebecca Watson

Fiscal year 2023 was a monumental year for the National Park Foundation (NPF). From adding over 1500 acres to the National Park System and supporting the establishment of a new national park site – Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument – to hitting a milestone in our Open OutDoors for Kids program by connecting more than 2 million students to national parks, NPF has much to celebrate.

During fiscal year 2023, NPF granted a record-breaking $70.2 million to parks and partners, increasing the scope and scale of NPF’s mission to ensure that parks are preserved forever and that everyone feels welcome and a part of their stewardship.

Explore all this and more in NPF’s 2023 Annual Report and learn how you can support this important work.