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Two women kapa beating while sitting on a mat
Women Redefining Home

An NPS Women's History in the Pacific West Fellow is exploring the intricate narratives of home and the often-overlooked contributions of women in shaping the American West.

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  • A group of people, working under a pop-up tent, put together a wooden structure
    Restoring Timucuan

    How a group of park rangers, scientists, and teenagers are working together to restore Timucuan's shorelines.

  • 2019 National Christmas Tree, illuminated
    100 Years of the National Christmas Tree

    The National Christmas Tree is often measured in numbers. Over 13,000 feet (or 2.5 miles) of lights strung end-to-end, 63,750 individual LED bulbs, and 400+ ornaments. This season’s ceremony commemorates another number – the 100th lighting of the National Christmas Tree.

  • A large group of people pose for a photo outside a single-story building
    Finding Pride Outside

    How the LGBTQ community is overcoming barriers, finding joy, sharing history, and creating space outdoors.

  • A group of people walk along a wooden walkway towards a mountain range featuring a waterfall
    Waste Not, Want Not

    Part of the Subaru-funded Don’t Feed the Landfills Initiative, Yosemite’s composting and fuel cylinder diversion and recycling programs have grown tremendously over the last year. One woman, Tina Moseley, leads the charge.

  • A person fly fishes along a rocky stream
    "I Was Hooked"

    Access to nature isn't always straightforward for disabled veterans. That's why Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing applied for an NPF ParkVentures grant to expand veteran services in Shenandoah National Park.

  • A group of people, wearing hard hats and some holding shovels, pose for a photo
    A crew of recent college grads found a career path off the beaten path. In fact, most days they were in a national park quite literally making the path themselves.