2012 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

A child looks through a tent opening to a great expanse beyond

Bridger Teton National Forest (USFS)

Katherine Hawkins

Ms. Hawkins received $15,000 and a Federal Recreational Lands Interagency Pass.

Second Prize

A fly fisherman fishes at sunset in a mountain lake

Salt River Recreation Area

Sue Cullumber

Ms. Cullumber received $10,000 and a Federal Recreational Lands Interagency Pass.

Third Prize

A pair of red kayaks sit near a sparkling lake at sunset

Isle Royale National Park

Adam Jewell

Mr. Jewell received $2,500 and a Federal Recreational Lands Interagency Pass.

Honorable Mentions

A bear sleeps in the trees in the Smokies

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Charlie Choc

A traditional native dreamcatcher at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

Don Tackett

The national parks are for everyone--a man pulls a woman in a special wheelchair for hiking

Arches National Park 

Laura Geier

A mountain biker on the Sovereign Trail in Moab Utah

Sovereign Trail

John Odle

Two children play at Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon Recreation Area

Cassandra Crowley

The sky is alive at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Steve Perry

Two moose play in tranquil water

Isle Royale National Park

Carl TerHaar

Each of the 7 Honorable Mention winners received a hotel package courtesy Historic Hotels of America and a Federal Recreation Lands Interagency Pass.

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