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On the Road with Winnebago Industries

by Sarah Cushman Slavin
Capitol Reef National Park - NPS Photo / Chris Roundtree

Winnebago Industries is dedicated to supporting national parks and programs that inspire the next generation of park champions and connect all people to transformative experiences outdoors. For more than six decades, Winnebago Industries has put customers behind the wheel to explore America’s open roads and national parks. And while the views are amazing, Winnebago Industries President & CEO Michael Happe knows what really matters are the people, and the time we share together in the places we love.

National Park Foundation President & CEO Will Shafroth recently spoke with Happe to learn more about Winnebago Industries’ history of connecting people to the great outdoors, and why partnership with the National Park Foundation is such a natural fit for the road ahead.

As a Find Your Park partner, Happe shares, Winnebago Industries is committed to inspiring people of all backgrounds and abilities to discover #ParksLessTraveled within the National Park System, and to share their own unique connections to America’s national parks. In the #ParksLessTraveled series, several Winnebago ambassadors explore some of the hidden gem parks across the country, sharing their adventures on social media and Winnebago’s GoLife blog. Through #ParksLessTraveled, Winnebago aims to inspire RVers and adventurers to enjoy and support all 400+ national parks, monuments, historic sites, seashores and more that this country has to offer.

Two campers enjoy a picnic set up on a table next to their Winnebago in Great Basin National Park
Camping alongside the National Park Foundation Limited Edition Winnebago Travato (Winnebago Industries)

From adaptive adventuring to outdoor equity, Happe says Winnebago’s focus on providing transformative experiences comes to life through its partnership with NPF. Winnebago’s support for Open OutDoors for Kids impacts communities across the country and providing children hands-on learning opportunities while deepening their connection to the natural world. Fostering a love for our national parks and all they offer helps create the next generations of park champions and stewards, ensuring that these beloved places are protected and enjoyed for years to come.

For the Winnebago Industries family of brands, supporting the parks is not just doing good – it is good business. Winnebago Industries thrives when people of all backgrounds and abilities feel connected to the outdoors and value making outdoor memories with each other. “We want to get kids engaged in the outdoors early in their lifetime. We want to create lifelong advocates for our brands.”

A family walks from their parked Winnebago to view Old Faithful erupting at Yellowstone National Park
Winnebago users at Yellowstone National Park (Winnebago Industries)

At the end of the day, the Winnebago Industries brands are fueled by providing the opportunities of boundless adventure for everyone. Happe is optimistic about what the future holds, as we appreciate time spent with loved ones now more than ever and imagine our next adventure when we are on the road again. Through support of the National Park Foundation, Winnebago Industries will help preserve our nation’s cultural and natural heritage, while fostering strong connections between people and these special places, now and for many years to come.