Local Park Support

The National Park Foundation serves as a catalyst, resource, and national voice for local philanthropic park partners, also known as Friends Groups, to protect and enhance America’s national parks for present and future generations. The Foundation believes that a continuum of philanthropic funding – from local to national – enhances the ability to protect national parks and connects all Americans with these treasured places and all they offer. This support also raises awareness for all the National Park Service does to enrich communities from coast to coast and inspires the next generation of park stewards.

What is a Friends Group?

Friends Groups are individual nonprofit organizations that support the success of a specific national park(s) with time, expertise, and privately-raised funds. As champions of parks, Friends Groups frequently engage area communities in the park and garner financial support and volunteer time in support of park priorities. Find a link to a park’s Friends Group in the Related Links section of a NPF national park page.

How Does the National Park Foundation Work with Friends Groups/Philanthropic Partners?

The Foundation works to help grow and support the continued success of philanthropic park partners by offering a range of technical assistance options and helpful tools. For example, NPF connects Friends Groups with mentors where possible, sponsors and host webinars, and plans special events and other services that help aid in the success of philanthropic park partners.

  • National Park Friends Alliance is an informal network of Friends Groups leaders who meet twice a year to discuss issues relevant to park philanthropy. The Foundation provides both technical and financial support for these convenings.
  • Sharing Park Partners' Stories with the national park community.

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