Recent 2014 Summer Scrapbook Entries

Through the "Eyes" of Hoo

Hiking into Bryce and learning about the geology of the land was ... Read More

Volcano National Park

When I first came to Hawaii, I was fortunate to have a native kap ... Read More

The water hole

Yosemite National Park has been a special place for my family my ... Read More

An Unexpected Dusting

We took our pop up trailer to Yosemite one Spring break, and I wa ... Read More

Enjoying Weir Farm

My best friend Thomas is not one for the outdoors, but when I exp ... Read More

Yosemite Wildlife

Looking back the stuffed animals where probably brought along by ... Read More

Lincoln Portrait

From the Lincoln quotes in my young book of virtues, to performin ... Read More

Geology and Culture

As a geologist in training, I was quite surprised to find this ol ... Read More

Tomorrow's Environmental

As a teaching assistant on a three week field course at Grand Can ... Read More

Metaphotography at Mesa A

Several years ago, I attended a photography camp at Canyonlands a ... Read More

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Grand Canyon, Canyonlands & Dinosaur National Monuments by River

Chances are you've seen the Grand Canyon, either in photos or actually standing along the South Rim, peering down into the indescribable abyss. Read More

Cool Side of Death Valley

With some 3.3 million acres and elevations ranging from -282 to +11,049, Death Valley National Park has plenty of cool things to do. Maybe not Arthur Fonzarelli Cool, but then again, that leather jacket takes up a lot of space in the suitcase. Read More

Yosemite National Park After Dark

Summer nights in a national park include the soft glow of the Milky Way rising over your campsite, granite peaks lit by the full moon during an evening hike, and the twinkle of stars and planets from a roadside vista point. Read More

Multiply Your Vacation Enjoyment On A Multi-Generational Trip

Have you noticed that more and more groups of travelers to America's national parks include not only parents and children, but that grandparents are often included to join in the fun? Read More

Pursuits: Go Ride a Kite

Hitch your board to a stiff breeze and skim the waves at park sites around the country. Read More