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Celestron invites you to plan your next family adventure with the National Park Foundation's exclusive National Park Owner's Guides. Get travel tips, planning ideas, and more in the NPF Blog.

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A close up photo of the bottom of a hiking boot and hiker's feet walking along a path
National Park Owner's Guide
Make your next national park adventure unforgettable! Filled with detailed maps, travel tips and inside information on what not to miss, the Owner’s Guide is your one-stop resource to discover all of your over 400 national parks. Sign in to receive your free copy.
Silhouette of a person sitting cross legged, meditating, in a forest
Recharge in the Parks
Exposure to the great outdoors comes with immeasurable health benefits, but as our lives continue to get busier, it becomes harder to spend time outdoors. Humana and NPF are celebrating the significant benefits of spending time outdoors in our new Owners Guide by offering tips on how to start replenishing and refreshing your mind, body, and spirit in a national park.
Across a bay, the New York City skyline
Urban Playgrounds
In our Urban Playgrounds guide, we’ve compiled a list of parks within or close to 24 major U.S. metropolitan areas. These parks represent a diversity of people and landscapes and stories, and most of the activities we’re suggesting can be experienced in a day trip or less (with some exceptions). Sign in and download your free copy today!
Road Trippin'
Combining visits to well-known national parks with some lesser-known treasures, our “Road Trippin’” guide features 15 different long weekend getaway ideas. So go ahead, block off a vacation day or earmark an upcoming holiday, and plan a trip you won’t soon forget.
A person stands at the bottom of a canyon as a stream glides across smooth-faced rocks on the ground
Happy Trails
Make your next trip one to remember by exploring your national parks! Download Happy Trails: 25 Unforgettable National Park Hikes for descriptions and insider recommendations on trails and treks for all ages and ability levels, as well as general hiking tips. Sign up to get this guide, a must-have for planning an unforgettable national park adventure.
Parks for Play
Discover just some of the ways young people can enjoy and connect to their national parks with Parks for Play: 35 National Park Adventures for Kids of All Ages. This new resource showcases 35 great national parks to be enjoyed specifically by kids and families. When you sign in, it’s free and here to help you share a park and shape a life.
A person kneels in front of a small tent
Gimme Shelter
What's your heart's desire – a luxurious weekend in a remote island inn or a secluded campsite far from civilization? You'll find them both, and much more, in our national parks. While parks offer incredible opportunities to explore, they also provide places to rest and recharge. Discover some of the best in our free guide.
Two people dressed in hiking gear sit next to each other and smile
I Heart Parks
Take your vows in the Rocky Mountains, or take a date to Lady Liberty. Coast to coast, the national parks offer hundreds of opportunities to make lasting memories with the one you love. In this free guide, I Heart Parks, we share some of our favorite parks for romantic adventures. Sign in to download your free copy.
Three kids jump off a dock and into a lake
The Places Nobody Knows
For every Yosemite, there's a lesser-known park where the scenery shines and surprises. Sign in and download your free copy of The Places Nobody Knows for descriptions and tips on discovering some of the many hidden gems within the national park system. This guide is a must-have for planning your next national park adventure!
Close up photo of a person wearing snowshoes
Winter Wonderlands
This guide brings you inside winter activities in 15 national parks. You'll find cross-country skiing and snowshoeing along with ice fishing, stargazing, sledding, and much more. Immerse yourself in the beauty found only by experiencing winter in these national park wonderlands. Sign in and you'll get a free copy today.
National Parks by Rail
Explore the history and beauty of America’s national parks and experience the majestic landscapes of our nation as you travel by rail. In this new guide, you will be introduced to travel tips, maps, and the simplicity and convenience of traveling by train. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Sign in and download your free copy today!