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Park Fun

Discover all sorts of park-related activities you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. From crosswords and word searches to park trivia and coloring pages - there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Hero (main) image for NPF's Parkcade; unknown source
A person sits on a couch, they're wearing headphones and have their eyes closed
Download NPF's PARKTRACKS audio and tap into the trends of tranquility and mindfulness by tuning into the relaxing sounds of America's national parks.
Family sits on the floor and looks at a tablet
Adventure Travel Bingo
Next time you're in a park, keep your eyes peeled for items on our adventure themed bingo!
The Golden Gate Bridge stretches across the San Francisco Bay; nestled below the bridge is a three-story brick building
September 2023 Desktop Background
Take a virtual trip to San Francisco with this Fort Point National Historic Site calendar desktop background.
Children's Coloring Pages
Enjoy kids' coloring pages showcasing scenes from Arches and Everglades National Parks.
fall landscape - yellow and orange leaves fall onto moss-covered rocks along a small stream. In the mid-distance a wooden footbridge leads across the stream
October 2023 Desktop Background
Bask in the autumn colors of Great Smoky Mountains National Park with this calendar desktop background.
A family sits on a sofa, leaning down to color at a table together
Adult Coloring Pages
Bring the wildlife of Arches, Redwood, and Yellowstone National Parks to life with these adult coloring pages.
A still lake leads up to a autumn-colored shore and trees. In the distance, a tall waterfall between stony mountains
November 2023 Desktop Background
Take a virtual late autumn trip to Yosemite National Park with this calendar desktop background.
A small child looks through a large magnifying glass
Word Searches
Can you spot the park activities, park names, and park wildlife names in these national park-inspired word searches? (Note: answer keys included in download)
A close-up image of a teal pencil filling in a crossword puzzle
Put your park knowledge to the test with these three national park-themed crossword puzzles. (Note: answer keys included in download)
A group of people sit on a couch and laugh
National Park Trivia
From well-known landmarks to obscure wildlife factoids, our national park trivia is sure to be a mind-bending challenge! Set up your own trivia night or put your national park knowledge to the test. (Note: answer keys included in download)