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A room with a desk, lamp, and shelves of books lining the wall
Alcove in the North Room of Sagamore Hill National Historic Site
Audrey C. Tiernan
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NPF Launches New Round of Funding for Inclusive Storytelling Program

Today, Chief Program Officer Lise Aangeenbrug announced the 2024 Inclusive Storytelling Program funding opportunity on behalf of the National Park Foundation at a White House event celebrating the Executive Order on Recognizing and Honoring Women’s History that President Biden signed in March 2024.

Our national parks tell the diverse and incredible stories of America. With nearly half of national parks created for their historic or cultural significance, the National Park Service (NPS) is an essential storyteller for the nation. However, there remain stories, experiences, and interpretations of our history and heritage that are not yet included in our national parks.

The National Park Foundation’s Inclusive Storytelling program, launched in 2023, is helping parks document, preserve, and share more diverse stories across the National Park System. The program has sparked tremendous interest and excitement. In its inaugural year, NPF’s Inclusive Storytelling program awarded more than $4 million in grants to support 57 projects elevating lesser-known stories of communities whose voices and contributions are part of the American story.

A recreated parlor part of the "A Union of Hope: 1869" exhibit at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, which was supported by an NPF Inclusive Storytelling grant in 2023.

Inclusive Storytelling grants support contemporary research in parks, as well as projects that transform scholarship into relevant interpretative products from park programs and exhibits to websites and videos about Indigenous people, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and other marginalized communities. Collectively, these projects are broadening narratives across NPS sites to reflect a fuller understanding of America.

Interpretive projects remain a priority at many NPS sites where park staff and partners know the stories and the research required to undertake these projects. Strategic investments from philanthropy enable that work to take place. The National Park Foundation is committed to building on the early success of its Inclusive Storytelling program to reflect a deeper and fuller understanding of the story of America, and to ensure visitors can see themselves reflected in national parks.

The Foundation is pleased to announce the opportunity for parks and their partners to apply for a new round of funding. More information on the new Inclusive Storytelling RFP available for national parks can be found here.

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