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President’s 2016 Budget Proposal Supports National Parks

WASHINGTON – Dan Wenk, interim president of the National Park Foundation, the official nonprofit partner to the National Park Service, issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s fiscal year 2016 budget request:

“The National Park Foundation applauds President Obama for his commitment to investing in ‘America’s Best Idea,’ the more than 84 million acres of national parks that share and protect our country’s incomparable natural landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history.

As we enter the second century of the National Park Service in 2016, and introduce and re-introduce the national parks to people everywhere, we are grateful to see that the budget contains vital support for expanding the use of parks for experiential learning and recreation, engaging hundreds of thousands of volunteers, repairing aging infrastructure, dedicating resources to ensuring the parks are safe spaces where all narratives can be shared, telling America’s proudest moments and reflecting on America’s struggles, and connecting urban communities with their national parks.

We are also pleased that the proposed budget acknowledges the importance of public-private partnerships, such as those leveraged by the National Park Foundation and local Friends Groups, with its inclusion of the federal match for National Park Service Centennial Challenge projects and programs. We look forward to working with individuals and organizations to make these matches come to fruition for our national parks.”

The National Park Foundation is the official charity of America’s national parks and nonprofit partner to the National Park Service. Chartered by Congress in 1967, the National Park Foundation raises private funds to help PROTECT more than 84 million acres of national parks through critical conservation and preservation efforts, CONNECT all Americans with their incomparable natural landscapes, vibrant culture and rich history, and INSPIRE the next generation of park stewards. Find out more and become a part of the national park community at