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Partnerships Spark Collaboration Benefiting Parks and Local Communities During National Park Week and Beyond

WASHINGTON – With National Park Week kicking off on Saturday, April 16, the National Park Foundation is celebrating the myriad ways that partnerships spark not only collaboration, but also creativity, discovery, innovation, opportunity, preservation, and action that benefit national parks and local communities.

“Partnerships are a bedrock of the national parks community,” said Will Shafroth, president and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “This National Park Week, we especially want to highlight the teamwork that supports national parks across the country for everyone.”

The National Park Foundation’s premier partners L.L.Bean, Nature Valley, Tupperware Brands, Subaru of America, and Union Pacific Railroad are joining in the National Park Week celebration by sharing examples of the ways they help NPF achieve its goals to protect wildlife and park lands, preserve history and culture, educate and engage youth, and connect people everywhere to the wonder of parks.

From reducing waste, to increasing recycling efforts, to accommodating electric vehicles and minimizing air pollution in parks and gateway communities, the National Park Foundation partners with industry leaders like Subaru of America to harness the power of technology and innovation to help ensure parks thrive today and into the future.

“Subaru owners have a deep connection with national parks, which is one reason why Subaru has long been committed to helping national parks become more sustainable,” said Alan Bethke, senior vice president of marketing, Subaru of America, Inc. “We’re proud to continue to help our parks respond to complex problems through electric vehicle innovations, allowing national park visitors to explore the great outdoors and protect them at the same time and helping the miles traveled between visits to have less impact on the environment.”

Recognizing that park visitation is projected to increase in the years ahead and will likely be concentrated in the most well-known parks, the National Park Foundation partners with brands like L.L.Bean to help the National Park Service plan for the needs of parks and park visitors in the future, expand the ways people can experience parks, and highlight the rich opportunities that lesser-known parks offer as well.

“At L.L.Bean, our purpose is to inspire and enable people to experience the restorative power of being outside,” said Shawn Gorman, executive chairman of L.L.Bean and great-grandson of Leon Leonwood Bean. “Our purpose extends beyond our products to include stewardship of our natural resources. By investing in the National Park Foundation and specifically, the Parks of the Future initiative, we can ensure the natural resources we enjoy today are available to us tomorrow.”

Together with partners like Nature Valley, the National Park Foundation supports programs and activities that help people create and strengthen life-long relationships with national parks, bringing people together for joy-filled and meaningful experiences outdoors

“When you discover the wonder of nature, you’re likely to help protect it,” said Ray Joncas, vice president of snack bars at General Mills. “Nature Valley is committed to preserving nature for future generations to enjoy, and we’re proud to partner with the National Park Foundation to help expand access and advance equity so that all communities can get out there and experience the benefits and beauty of national parks.”

Understanding a universal desire for more sustainable options, the National Park Foundation partners with brands like Tupperware to invest in projects such as composting and installing water refill stations that support the National Park Service’s goal to divert 50 percent of waste from landfills annually.

“Now more than ever, the planet needs our help and we are so proud of the partnership and support we have been able to provide across some of America’s most treasured places and spaces – national parks! Whether it’s installing new water bottle refill stations or supporting recycling and composting programs, preserving national parks enables current and future generations to experience and be inspired by nature’s beauty,” said Cherisse Stover, senior manager, Tupperware Brands Foundation & Social Impact. “Through our partnership, we hope park-goers are mindful of what they take into and out of the parks. Consider a reusable food container and a reusable water bottle instead of single-use items. Together, we can preserve national parks for generations and generations to come.”

Across the country, the National Park Foundation is making educational park experiences accessible for more students, thanks to the support of partners like Union Pacific Railroad.

“Union Pacific is proud to have provided thousands of students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to explore and discover national parks through Open OutDoors for Kids, a signature National Park Foundation program,” said Scott Moore, senior vice president – corporate relations and chief administrative officer at Union Pacific. “National parks are vibrant, living laboratories that spark curiosity and inspire the next generation."

The National Park Foundation also celebrates the ways in which it works with partners and donors to help preserve history and culture in parks, support native wildlife and critical ecosystems, and build the capacity of a growing and robust community of more than 450 park partners.

Through programs like the African American Experience Fund and Latino Heritage Fund, the National Park Foundation and its partners help people gain a broader understanding of history through a vast range of perspectives and voices, see themselves reflected in parks, and understand how parks connect to their personal identities and lives. As part of this work, the National Park Foundation supports efforts including dynamic educational programs, professional development opportunities, rehabilitation of historic sites, and the preservation – both physically and digitally – of irreplaceable artifacts and places.

The National Park Foundation and its partners support vital efforts to study and protect the most biologically diverse landscapes in the country, ensuring the health and vibrancy of park environments that are home to a wide variety of wildlife including bison, wolves, bald eagles, and California condors.

The National Park Foundation is committed to increasing national park philanthropy across the board and being responsive to current park needs. Through programs like Strong Parks, Strong Communities, the National Park Foundation is helping advance park partners’ goals to preserve natural and cultural resources, increase access to public lands for all people, and develop innovative programming.

In addition to the National Park Foundation’s premier partners, signature partner The Coca-Cola Company and supporting partners Carhartt, GoGo squeeZ, History Channel, Niantic, Sun Outdoors, and Winnebago Industries are also joining NPF in celebrating National Park Week 2022.

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