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National Park Foundation and Winnebago Industries Raise Awareness About Job Opportunities in National Parks


WASHINGTON – As service corps organizations head into recruitment season, the National Park Foundation (NPF) and Winnebago Industries are excited to help raise awareness about the numerous opportunities to work on national park projects ranging from invasive species removal to historical preservation to trail restoration. These service corps programs provide on-the-job training for members, facilitate connections to parks, help inspire a sense of belonging, and create more opportunities for people from all walks of life to experience careers in the outdoors.

“Service corps open the door to a world of new experiences for people to explore their personal interests and national parks,” said Will Shafroth, president and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “The National Park Foundation is grateful to partners like Winnebago Industries for joining us in expanding support for these fantastic job opportunities across the country."

In recent years, NPF and partners have expanded support to a diverse network of service corps crews, building on the impact the crews have contributed to the restoration and enhancement of national parks. Partners like Winnebago Industries play a critical role in supporting NPF’s continued investment in service corps programs at national parks.

“We are proud to partner with the National Park Foundation as they create and preserve safe spaces to enjoy, which allows everyone to be great outdoors,” said Jil Littlejohn Bostick, Head of Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Winnebago Industries.

Since 2018, NPF has invested more than $11 million to support more than 130 service corps crews, helping bring together people of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities to accomplish critical projects in parks.

NPF funding supports a vast array of service corps partners including those that deploy single-identity crews, which help participants feel safe and comfortable as they explore parks and possible career paths within them. These crews can be centered around shared identities such as people with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQ+, Latinx, women-identifying, and Native American. NPF is committed to connecting people of all identities to the adventures, lessons, and experiences that national parks offer.

Learn more about NPF’s support to service corps programs through its Communities & Workforce initiative and search service corps openings on The Corps Network website.

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