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A Statement by Will Shafroth, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation on the Nomination of Charles Sams as the Director of the National Park Service

WASHINGTON – The National Park Foundation applauds the Biden Administration’s nomination of Charles Sams to be the next director of the National Park Service (NPS). Having a presidentially appointed, senate-confirmed director in place to lead the more than 20,000 employees of the National Park Service is essential to the health, wellbeing, and overall success of our parks. Mr. Sams brings a significant background of experience that prepares him exceptionally well to take on and advance the mission of this critical federal agency. His understanding of and work with state governments, Tribal governments and nonprofits, will help all of us do a more complete and inclusive job in working with the communities who are connected to and affected by our national parks. As the Congressionally chartered, philanthropic partner of the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation stands ready to work with Mr. Sams, his team and all of NPS to accomplish great things across our National Park System as we, collectively, continue to preserve, protect and enrich the wonder of our national parks on behalf of the American people.