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A Message from National Park Foundation President and CEO Will Shafroth

Dear Friends,

As we navigate the “new normal” of unprecedented times, I want to keep you updated about how we at the National Park Foundation (NPF) are approaching our work now, and in the days ahead.

In an effort to protect the health of our team and to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, NPF has instituted a plan for staff to work remotely from home through at least April 24. During this time, we’ve also suspended all staff travel.

By instituting a telework plan, NPF is joining the collective effort needed to reduce the rate of exposure, slow the infection rate, and prevent overloading our healthcare system.

Our telework capabilities have proven remarkably robust. External meetings have been moved to video conference, phone calls have gone on as normal and “paper” continues to flow. While I am unwilling to say that we haven’t missed a beat, I am confident that we haven’t missed many. NPF remains hard at work and fully operational, working with the National Park Service and our partners as we all continue to support our national parks.

I am also reminded that this is truly a moment to bring parks to people, and NPF has moved quickly and proactively to provide digital resources for the public and for our partners, who increasingly find comfort and community in stunning videos and imagery of our national parks. NPF’s homepage has been updated to provide visitors a variety of timely activities, stories, and park experiences that they can engage with from the comfort of their homes.

That content features links to webcams from across the National Park System, including a collection of wildlife webcam videos from Katmai National Park and Channel Islands National Park.

With one click, visitors to our homepage can now more easily access interactive content, including the PARKTRACKS audio experience, featuring the soothing sounds of nature, family friendly indoor park activities, and they can add their own park images and stories to the Share Your Park photo gallery. We hope you enjoy visiting many of our parks with the simple click of the mouse. We are happy to be able to make it available.

I look forward to continuing to advance the work we do together on behalf of our national parks.

Let's stay in touch.


Will Shafroth