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Waste360 Spotlights NPF’s Work to Reduce Waste in National Parks

Waste360 featured NPF’s work to reduce waste in national parks, including insights from Ashley McEvoy, National Park Foundation senior manager for resilience and sustainability. Ashley talked about the importance and positive impact of NPF’s Resilience & Sustainability initiative through the lens of NPF’s partnership with Tupperware and NPF’s broader work with Subaru of America on the Don’t Feed the Landfills initiative. Read an excerpt from the article, “Tupperware and the National Park Foundation Partner on Waste Reduction,” below.

“National Park Foundation and Tupperware are investing in the future of national parks, helping to ensure that these stunning and meaningful places thrive for generations to come through unique, innovative partnerships that focus on diverting and reducing waste from landfills through education, infrastructure, composting and recycling pilots, and other tangible solutions to help solve the waste problem at our national parks. Through this work, part of the National Park Foundation’s Resilience & Sustainability initiative, NPF is supporting a central part of the National Park Service’s mission to preserve national parks. Waste reduction and diversion in support of operations and maintenance cost savings are National Park Service priorities.”

Read the full article here.