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Thrillist Underscores how NPF is Helping to Restore Access to National Park Trails

Thrillist reports that NPF is helping restore access to 10,000 miles of national park trails through its partnership with Nature Valley. Read an excerpt from the article, “The National Park Foundation Has Helped Restore Access to 10,000 Miles of Trails” below.

“The NPF has announced that, in partnership with Nature Valley, it has completed restoring access to 10,000 miles of national park trails over the last three years. That's about the equivalent of flying from New York City to Sydney.

The restorations took place in national parks across the country, almost touching every corner of the contiguous US, as well as one park in Hawaii. All told, the project improved trails in 19 parks spread across 16 states.”

Read the full piece from Thrillist here.