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Scripps Features NPF’s Efforts to Reduce Waste in National Parks

Scripps reports on NPF’s work to make national parks more sustainable, through the lens of NPF’s partnership with Tupperware Brands. Read an excerpt from the online article, “America's green spaces about to get a lot 'greener' with planet-friendly changes” below and watch the broadcast coverage here. This feature story was picked up by Scripps’ 61 television stations in 41 markets across the country.

“The wide-open green spaces of America's National Park system are about to get a lot greener with a new partnership between the National Park Foundation and Tupperware Brands.

For starters, there will be an addition of 65 water filling stations in six of the more high trafficked sites that need them, including the National Mall.

Shafroth added that some of the money would go towards signage and direction about recycling.

Some will go towards education and composting through solar panels, which will help run the Grand Canyon National Park's food waste program.”

Read the full online article here.