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Scripps Features NPF-funded All-Women Fire Corps

Scripps interviewed NPF Senior Program Manager Lisa McClure, Crew Member Laurie Keaton, and REI Co-op Philanthropy Manager Kristen Ragain about the all-women fire corps crew that NPF is funding thanks to REI Co-op’s generous support. Read an excerpt from the article, “New National Park Foundation program supports women-only fire crews,” below.

“Approximately 230,000 acres of National Parks land burned in 2020. As wildfire season continues, the National Park Foundation is supporting a brand-new program this year, one that promotes all-women fire crews.

It's the first time a project like this has existed, and it's one the National Park Foundation Senior Program Manager Lisa McClure hopes is here to stay.

‘Women are able to come into a park and feel safe with their counterparts, have some common identities with other female-identifying women in the crew and really see how they can stretch themselves and push themselves,’ said McClure. ‘New skills are learned and also developing these really strong bonds with each other and with the park.’”

Read the full article and watch the broadcast story here.