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Outside Highlights NPF’s Insights and Impact Regarding Electric Vehicles and National Parks

Outside reports that NPS is on the cutting edge of green technology and highlights NPF’s insights and impact as it relates to electric vehicles in national parks. Read an excerpt from the article, “NPS Is Leading the Electric Vehicle Revolution” below.

“According to Will Shafroth, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation, this continued investment in innovative solutions to reduce environmental impacts ‘is central to the agency’s long-term vision for sustainable management of park operations, including park transportation.’

In 2017, BMW, in partnership with the National Park Foundation, NPS, and the Department of Energy donated 100 electric vehicle charging stations specifically targeted at making the parks and their gateway communities more accessible to plug-in-driving visitors. Notable additions include Everglades, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, and Mount Rainier. ‘Electric vehicle drivers can now enjoy a quintessential national park road trip,’ said Shafroth. ‘Not only will drivers benefit, but also the businesses and communities at the doorstep of our treasured parks.’”

Read the full piece from Outside here.