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National Parks Traveler Underscores the Role NPF Plays in Restoring Native Species in Parks

National Parks Traveler interviewed NPF Vice President for Resource Management Jason Corzine for a feature story on NPF’s efforts to help restore native species in parks. Read an excerpt from the article, “Charitable Dollars Help In Fight Against Invasives In National Park System,” below.

"‘The National Park Foundation funds approximately $1.4 million annually on service/climate corps projects that have a built-in invasive species component, whether it's directly removing the vegetation, trail work that involves invasive species, or fire mitigation,' said Jason Corzine, the foundation's vice president who oversees strategies around the foundation's work in the area of protecting and preserving resources in the park system.

‘Our natural resource program will spend about $690,000 this year on invasives work,’ he told the Traveler. ‘Invasives is a component of the overall projects that we fund in the natural resource space. Going forward, I expect that amount to be a typical future average as donor interest in this work continues to grow. Last year we funded approximately $200,000 for invasive related projects.’"

Read the full article here.