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National Parks Traveler Highlights NPF Support to Congaree National Park

National Parks Traveler highlights the collective effort to preserve the Running Creek property at Congaree National Park. Read an excerpt from the article, “Donation Adds More Than 200 Acres To Congaree National Park,” below.

“Many partners came together to ensure the protection and preservation of Running Creek. After Open Space Institute negotiated the contract for the property, the Friends of Congaree Swamp purchased the property in 2019 with funding from the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the National Park Foundation, including generous philanthropic support from the Friends of Congaree Swamp.

‘Thanks to this collective effort, paddlers, birders, and anglers can now enjoy this spectacular waterway, all the while knowing that this habitat, providing an important buffer for a wading-bird rookery, is being protected as part of Congaree National Park,’ said National Park Foundation Vice President for Resource Management Jason Corzine.”

Read the full article here.