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A storage container with 6 removable cubes sits against a wall. Around and inside it is a collection of national park inspired toys
Melissa & Doug collection with the National Park Foundation
Photo courtesy of Melissa & Doug
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Melissa & Doug Announces National Park Foundation Toy Collection

Melissa & Doug and the National Park Foundation have co-created a new collection of fun, nature-inspired toys for kid-powered play at home. Designed to spark wonder, these toys inspire kids to care about the great outdoors year round. The collection features nine items such as park themed play sets, puzzles, games and more.

A girl wearing a green dress looks through binoculars. On a belt around her waist is a flashlight and pouch
Grand Canyon National Park Hiking Gear Play Set from Melissa & Doug (Photo courtesy of Melissa & Doug)
Two children wear headbands with bear faces on them, and a mitten that looks like a bear paw. They high-five
Yellowstone National Park Grizzly Bear Games Play Set from Melissa & Doug (Photo courtesy of Melissa & Doug)

Melissa & Doug is proud to support the National Park Foundation with a million-dollar commitment over three years to further the organization’s mission to protect and preserve our national parks for generations to come.

Read the full article here and explore the collection.