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High Country News Nods to NPF’s Fundraising Prowess for Parks

High Country News’s story about the founding of a new nonprofit organization to support the Bureau of Land Management positions NPF as a leader and innovator among peer organizations established to support federal agencies. Read an excerpt from the story below.

“At 55 years old, the National Park Foundation flexes its muscle on behalf of national parks.

While foundation donations fluctuate, Chief Operating Officer Dieter Fenkart-Froeschl said the foundation delivered on average $68 million annually in direct philanthropic support to the National Park Service. That money is doled out in two ways: grants for things like a park’s restoration project or programs that get kids outside, and support for the agency as a whole outside of its operating budget. ‘We allow the Park Service to take that extra leap that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do,’ Fenkart-Froeschl said.”

Read the full article here.