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Chicago Sun-Times Celebrates Collective Effort to Preserve Pullman National Monument

Chicago Sun-Times covered the grand opening of Pullman National Monument visitor center and state historic site grounds. Read an excerpt from the article, “Pullman National Monument a ‘testament to the power of our national parks’,” below.

“The Pullman National Monument was given that designation by former President Barack Obama in 2015 and stands as Chicago’s only national monument.

Will Shafroth, the president and CEO of the National Park Foundation, said the gathering Monday was a ‘testament to the power of our national parks, and the generosity of so many who see them as places of awe and wonder. ‘They truly are our common ground as a people,’ Shafroth said. ‘What we celebrate today is a monumental commitment to community and to future generations.’

The grounds opened to the public over the weekend with guided tours of the visitor center, the historic Hotel Florence and Pullman-built rail cars.”

Read the full article here.