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North Cascades National Park

I went out in my alpine yard and there it was ... hundreds of miles of pure snow-covered rocks and virgin lakes and high timber ... Below, instead of the world, I saw a sea of marshmallow clouds.
— Jack Kerouac
Up in the Mountains
Lose yourself in the Pacific Northwest wilderness and venture deep into the North American Alps.
Leave city life behind during your visit to North Cascades National Park, a vast wilderness of conifer-clad mountains, glaciers, and lakes.

Just three hours from Seattle, North Cascades National Park’s rugged beauty is characterized by jagged peaks, deep forested valleys, cascading waterfalls, and over 300 glaciers — more than any other U.S. park outside of Alaska. Thousands of voices from the past crackle to life in this alpine landscape, from Native Americans to early European and American fur traders and explorers to homesteaders and miners, all of which called this land home.

The largest in the North Cascades National Park Complex, the park is managed alongside nearby Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas. Visitors today can explore a range of outdoor activities, scenic vistas, and educational opportunities — from a scenic drive and a picnic to miles of trails ready for hiking or biking.

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