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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Each of these four Presidents enriched this country. ... We must build on their beginnings. We must continue to preserve our greatness while pushing back the limits of our imagination.
— President George H.W. Bush
History Immortalized in Stone
Theodore Roosevelt’s beloved Black Hills serve as a true memorial to him and so many other men who shaped our country. Reverence and reflection of their contributions are second only to the awe-inspiring beauty of these Hills.
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are carved into the mountain at Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, established in 1925, features 60-foot sculptures of these four US presidents. The memorial, designed by sculptor Gutzon Borglum, covers 1,278.45 acres and sits 5,725 feet above sea level.

Over the decades, Mount Rushmore has grown as a symbol of America - a symbol of freedom and a hope for people from all cultures and backgrounds. Millions of people from all over the world visit annually to marvel at the majestic beauty of the Black Hills and to learn about the birth, growth, development and the preservation of the United States.

Park Updates