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Mount Rainier National Park

The mountain receives our expressions and becomes part of us; we imprint our memories upon it and trust it without dearest divisions of our lives. Mt. Rainier does not exist under our feet. Mt. Rainier lives in our minds.
— Bruce Barcott
Mountain Majesty
Setting the backdrop for the bustling city below, Mount Rainier sits imposingly on the horizon. It calls to all those seeking the challenge of the climb, the solitude of the woods, the escape from streets and roads.

One of the most visited national parks, Mount Rainier is the most prominent peak in the Cascade Range. It’s also one of the oldest national parks.

Mount Rainier was established in 1899. At 14,410 feet, it dominates the landscape of a large part of western Washington State. The mountain is several miles taller than the lowlands to the west and one and one-half miles higher than the adjacent mountains! An active volcano, Mount Rainier last erupted approximately 150 years ago. Nearly two million visitors a year come to Mount Rainier National Park for hiking, moutain climbing, backpacking, and more.

Park Updates