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A paved walkway, shaded by trees, leads up to a two story house
Texas White House at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
NPS Photo / Cynthia Dorminey

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

One-room schoolhouse with grey-blue facade and four windows on the side. In the lawn in front of the school flies an American flag on a flagpole
All the world is welcome here.
— President Lyndon B. Johnson
The Texas White House
Lyndon B. Johnson is one of the most memorable presidents in our country’s history — and his legacy is still found our society to this day. Wander his beloved “White House of Texas” and become immersed in the man who brought us “The Great Society.”

Lyndon Johnson's home in the Texas Hill Country provides an opportunity to tour the Texas White House and see a working cattle ranch.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park tells the story of our 36th President in a unique and encompassing way. The story begins with Lyndon Johnson's ancestors, tracing the influences his family and his beloved Texas Hill Country had on the boy and the man.

In Johnson City, the visitor can see how LBJ influenced his hometown by bringing the resources of the U.S. Government to improve the lives of his friends and neighbors. On the LBJ Ranch it is possible to experience the serenity and beauty from which the former president drew his strength and comfort. It is here that his final resting place is located. This entire "circle of life" gives the visitor a unique perspective into one of America's most noteworthy citizens by providing the most complete picture of an American president.

The park was authorized on December 2, 1969 and was redesignated from a historic site to a national historical park on December 28, 1980. Present holdings are approximately 1,570 acres, 674 of which are federal. The Johnson family generously continues to add to this property; their most recent donation of acreage was in April of 1995.

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