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Little River Canyon National Preserve

A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.
— Laura Gilpin
A Not So Little Southern Spot
Traverse wooded trails, behold breath-taking overlooks, and plan the perfect picnic for your trip in the Southern Appalachians.
Little River Canyon National Preserve’s forested uplands, waterfalls, canyon rims and bluffs, pools, boulders, and sandstone cliffs offer a variety of recreational activities for visitors looking for an escape in the Southern Appalachians.

Natural resources and cultural heritage come together to tell the story of Little River Canyon National Preserve, a unique and scenic spot in the Southern Appalachians. Composed of sandstone and other sedimentary rocks eroded by water over millions of years, Little River Canyon is one of the most spectacular landforms in the region, carved into the flat top of Lookout Mountain.

Established as a preserve in 1992, Little River Canyon possesses a wealth of cultural history – from the native American populations who lived here to troops who camped here during the Civil War and the construction of the Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia Rail Line (TAG Rail Lines).Many historic figures have passed through this area, marveling at its natural wonder.

Today, visitors can find all kinds of thrilling adventures in the preserve’s picturesque settings.