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Lake Chelan National Recreation Area

Wilderness touches the heart, mind, and soul of each individual in a way known only to himself.
— Michael Frome
Awe-Inspiring American Alps
Traverse the remote majestic surroundings of the far Northwest and be overcome by the magnitude and tranquility of true wilderness.
Connect with nature in the heart of the North Cascades. Lake Chelan National Recreation Area is 61,949-acres worth of outdoor playground and natural habitat.

Discover Lake Chelan National Recreation Area—one of the nation's deepest lakes at a depth of 1,500 ft. The average width is less than two miles, but Lake Chelan extends 50 miles into the Cascade Mountains.

Here, the beautiful Stehekin Valley, with a portion of fjord-like Lake Chelan, adjoins North Cascades National Park. Lake Chelan National Recreation Area rests in a glacially carved trough in the Cascades Range and offers boating, fishing, and lakeshore camping, as well as the remote community of Stehekin.