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Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Visiting Alaska's Cape Krusenstern will grant hikers, campers, kayakers, photographers, and lovers of nature endless vacation opportunities.

Cape Krusenstern National Monument is a coastal plain dotted with sizable lagoons and backed by gently rolling limestone hills, and well-preserved beach ridges. These beach ridges present, in sequence, detailed evidence of an estimated 9,000 years of prehistoric human use of this coastline. Some archeological sites here are older than the iconic remains of ancient Egyptian civilization.

In summer, wildflowers color the beach ridges and nearby hills. Large numbers of migratory birds come from all over the world to Cape Krusenstern to nest. In fall, these migrating birds use the lagoons as feeding and staging areas. Shifting sea ice, ocean currents, and waves continue to form spits and lagoons possessing important scientific, cultural, and scenic values.