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Paterson Great Falls, America's first planned industrial city, offers historic mills and tours as well as stories of Alexander Hamilton.

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park is site to one of the nation's largest waterfalls. The Great Falls of the Passaic River and the surrounding historic buildings and raceways are the foundation for stories of Alexander Hamilton, the Industrial Revolution, the labor movement and the important contributions of immigrants to the making of America. Hamilton envisioned Paterson, with its water power provided by the Great Falls of the Passaic River, as America's counterpart and response to the industrial revolution occurring in England during the same period.

Immigrants still settle today in Paterson to pursue their versions of Hamilton's vision, creating a diverse and vibrant culture. The history of the City of Paterson includes its beginnings as the ambitious project of Hamilton and the Society for Establishing Useful Manufacturers (S.U.M.) in 1792 at the Great Falls, the early development of water power systems for industrial use, and the various types of manufacturing that occurred in the District's mills into the 20th Century. These included cotton fabrics, railroad locomotives, textile machinery, jute, and silk spinning, weaving, and dyeing, among many others. Paterson Great Falls NHP is the 397th unit of the National Park Service.

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Image of Paterson great Falls National Park Waterfall
Image of Paterson great Falls National Park Waterfall with building and connected bridge
Image of Old red Building at Peterson Falls

Map of the Park

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park
72 McBride Avenue
Patterson , NJ

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