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For Our Treasured Park Champions

Digital Download Center

Unsplash / Christin Hume

Our over 400 national parks stand, not only as a remarkable representation of America’s natural and historical legacy, but also as a cherished playground for visitors young and old. Together as Americans, we all own a piece of these majestic places. Whether it’s a national park down the street or across the country, they are yours to explore.

We thank you for taking an active role in preserving these special places!

To show our thanks for your support of our national parks, we've created digital downloads for you to enjoy and to share. We hope that you enjoy these images below, and are inspired to visit and explore your national parks.

Zoom Backgrounds & Desktop Downloads

Thank you for your support! We hope that these images for your computer desktop or video call background will bring back fond memories of past adventures. No matter where you use these images, every national park is ready to display its unique and special beauty.

Park-Inspired Activities

Discover all sorts of park-related activities you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. From crosswords and word searches to park trivia and coloring pages - there's something for everyone to enjoy!

National Park Trivia

Trivia Night
iStock / SDI Productions

From well-known landmarks to obscure wildlife factoids, our national park trivia is sure to be a mind-bending challenge. Set up your own trivia night or put your national park knowledge to the test.

Check your answers with our multiple-choice and open-ended answer keys.

Park Coloring Pages

Coloring playtime
iStock / filmstudio

Create beautiful park scenes with national park inspired coloring pages. Get to know park landscapes and wildlife in these pages made for both kids and adults. And don't forget to check out the vintage travel-inspired coloring book from NPF partner Union Pacific Railroad!

For Kids

For Adults

Word Searches & Crosswords

Girl with magnifying glass
iStock / Hakase

Give your favorite afternoon activity a park spin with park-inspired word searches and crossword puzzles.

Word Searches

Check your answers with our parks, wildlife, and activities word search answer keys.


Check your answers with the answer keys to crosswords one, two, and three.