How Many National Parks are There?

Ste. Geneviève National Historical Park became the newest addition to the National Park System on October 30, 2020.
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Carved wooden tikis on the beach of Pu`uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park
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The National Park System encompasses 422 national park sites in the United States. They span across more than 84 million acres in each state and extend into the territories, including parks in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam.

Red brick fort surrounded by green-blue waters at Dry Tortugas National Park

Fort Jefferson at Dry Tortugas National Park

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Within the system, there are 62 sites that include “National Park” as part of their proper name such as Acadia, Everglades, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone. Though world-renowned for their grandeur and beauty, our national treasures encompass far more than these 62 sites. They include landscapes and historical narratives within areas that interpret our nation’s past, and cultural and recreation areas that stretch our minds and bodies to learn and do more.

Old Courthouse at Gateway Arch National Park

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The system is comprised of 20 national park types that fall under the protection of the National Park Service to preserve, unimpaired, for this and future generations. These designations include:

National Battlefields (11)

National Battlefield Parks (4)

National Battlefield Site (1)

Petroglyphs carved into the sandstone at Arches National Park

Petroglyphs at Arches National Park

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National Military Parks (9)

National Historical Parks (58)

National Historic Sites (76)

International Historic Sites (1)

National Lakeshores (3)

National Memorials (31)

Statue of Liberty with the New York City scape behind
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National Monuments (84)

National Parks (62)

National Parkways (4)

National Preserves (19)

National Reserves (2)

National Recreation Areas (18)

National Rivers (5)

National Scenic Trails (3)

National Seashores (10)

National Wild and Scenic Rivers and Riverways (10)

Other Designations (11)

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Last updated November 12, 2020.


In your homepage state on parks.....I believe you neglect to mention the US Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands and the Park located there..... "The National Park System encompasses 417 national park sites in the United States. They span across more than 84 million acres in each state and extend into the territories, including parks in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam."
Hi Craig--American Memorial Park in Saipan/Northern Mariana Islands is an NPS "affiliated area." So yes, it is under the larger NPS umbrella, and much beloved, but it is not technically among the 417.
Should Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts also be considered an official National Park, bringing the total to 60?
Is there any place or a link to a check list where a person can trek across all the 400+ national parks across the country if he/she so desires within whatever time period?
i need to mention types of national park for a project but some of the definitions say that national parks are only for wildlife so should i mention these types in my project or not??????
Shouldn't this be 61 National Parks now? With the addition of Indiana Dunes?
I really like the national parks type breakdown you have. I suggest that pages be created for each type so that visitors can click on each type and get a list of names. Thanks
I agree! Please do create a linkable list with these categories. I also live close to the newly created Indiana Dunes National Park. Thank you. : )
Hi! I am very confused, how many national parks are there in the continental US (48 states)?

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