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Exploring America’s National Parks with Union Pacific

by Renée Hurley
Sunset on a rolling desert landscape
Big Bend National Park
NPS Photo / Cookie Ballou

“Everybody loves railroads, but kids really love trains,” says Union Pacific’s Scott Moore. Growing up on a farm in rural Nebraska, Moore spent much of his childhood exploring the outdoors. Today, as Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations and Chief Administrative Officer at Union Pacific Railroad, Moore remains connected to the outdoors by visiting national parks with his family and helping to connect more kids with the outdoors through the railroad’s Community Ties Giving Program.

In an interview, Will Shafroth, National Park Foundation President & CEO, and Moore discuss Union Pacific's commitment to share the wonders of our nation with the next generation of park-goers.

As a premier Find Your Park/Encuentra Tu Parque partner, Union Pacific is proud to encourage young adventurers to explore America’s national parks.

Union Pacific's history with the national parks started with creating iconic western parks like Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon and Death Valley, when the railroad allowed travelers to experience the wonderment of the new national parks, working hand-in-hand to develop the infrastructure that park visitors still treasure.

Vintage travel poster from Union Pacific (Union Pacific)

“Fast forward to today, that synergy is there all over again,” says Moore.

While Union Pacific trains no longer carry passengers to national parks, the railroad's support provides national park experiences for thousands of students across the 23 states where Union Pacific operates.

Building on its long-standing legacy of connecting people to America’s most cherished places, Union Pacific connects young people to these communities through support of the Foundation's Open OutDoors for Kids program, which provides fourth graders field trips to national parks.

Junior Ranger Railroad Explorer activity booklet (NPS Photo)

Thanks to support from Union Pacific, the latest Junior Ranger activity booklet, Junior Ranger Railroad Explorer, is encouraging young explorers to discover the breadth and depth of the National Park System, learn about the outdoors and our collective history, understand the importance of preserving national parks and share their experiences with friends and family.

“National parks are for all and we need to work together now to make sure that they're there for future generations,” says Moore.

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