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The Community Partnerships team at the National Park Foundation provides strategic support and valuable resources to non-profit philanthropic partners, volunteer and education groups, and cooperating associations for units of the National Park Service. Each of these independent organizations share the common goal of protecting and stewarding our country’s national parks for future generations.

Section 11 of the National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998 declares the following obligation of the National Park Foundation to the field of park philanthropy:

Sec. 11. Promotion of Local Fundraising Support​ 

(a) Establishment: The Foundation shall design and implement a comprehensive program to assist and promote philanthropic programs of support at the individual national park unit level. ​ 

(b) Implementation: The program under subsection (a) shall be implemented to—​ 

      (1)  assist in the creation of local nonprofit support organizations; and​ 

      (2) provide support, national consistency, and management-improving suggestions for local nonprofit support organizations. 

NPF takes this mandate seriously and works to address the needs of philanthropic partners through a variety of capacity-building opportunities. On this page you will find guidance on national park partnership, materials and recordings from past webinars, and information about upcoming events. You can also subscribe to our monthly Park Partners newsletter, which highlights news related to national parks and features the work of partners like you. Tell us what your organization is doing to support your park and stay connected – we would love to amplify your work however we can.

Strong Parks, Strong Communities 

Through Strong Parks, Strong Communities (SPSC), the National Park Foundation (NPF), National Park Service (NPS), and Friends Alliance (the Alliance) work together to support the local philanthropic organizations across the country that provide critical partnerships to national parks and programs. More information can be found on the program webpage and by signing up for the Park Partners e-newsletter.  Please email [email protected] if you have questions regarding SPSC.

Board Tools

  • Tool 1: Board Development Basics
  • Tool 2A: Roles in Board Development
  • Tool 2B: Board Development Work Plan
  • Tool 3: Board Profile Grid
  • Tool 4: Recruiting the Board You Need
  • Tool 5: Board Member Handbook
  • Tool 6: Board Member Application and Agreement
  • Tool 7: Board Orientation and Training Guide
  • Tool 8: Leadership Functions
  • Tool 9: Lines of Authority
  • Tool 10A: Board Member Job Description
  • Tool 10B: Alternate Board Member Job Description
  • Tool 11: Levels of Influence
  • Tool 12: Board Responsibilities and Staff Support
  • Tool 13: Board Member Self-Evaluation
  • Tool 14: Board Development Committee
  • Tool 15: Effective Board Culture
  • Tool 16: Helpful Tips for Boards
  • Tool 17: Board Development Plan

Fundraising Tools

  • Tool 1: Fundraising vs Development
  • Tool 2: ABC's of Fundraising
  • Tool 3: Six C's for Fund Development Success
  • Tool 4: Tips & Tools for Fundraising Success
  • Tool 5: Talk About the Difference You Make
  • Tool 6: Board and Staff Roles in Fundraising
  • Tool 7: Culture of Philanthropy
  • Tool 8: The "Gives" Framework
  • Tool 9: Fundraising Motivations
  • Tool 10: Fundraising Plan Outline
  • Tool 11: Revenue Planning for Fundraising
  • Tool 12: Fundraising Campaign
  • Tool 13: Donor Profile Worksheet
  • Tool 14: Annual Campaign Cycle
  • Tool 15: Jeffersonian Dinners
  • Tool 16: Point of Entry Events
  • Tool 17: Donor Cultivation Tips
  • Tool 18: Donor Cultivation Plan
  • Tool 19: Donor Grid 2x2

Guidance for Leaders of Park Support

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For inquiries related to capacity building support and technical assistance, contact Madeleine Balkonis, at [email protected]. For general questions, contact us at [email protected].