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  • Thanks to an Impact Grant, the park is able to offer a Fisheries Education Class, which achieves angler compliance with fishing regulations by educating visitors to Everglades and Biscayne National Park...

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    Don't Miss! Things To Do in Biscayne National Park

    Located in southern Florida, within sight of downtown Miami, Biscayne National Park preserves Biscayne Bay, one of the top scuba diving areas in the United States. Within the national park, which is over 90% water, there is an extensive mangrove forest along the shoreline, a portion of the world’s third-longest living coral reef, and the northernmost Florida Keys. Popular activities at Biscayne National Park include boating, snorkeling, camping and wildlife watching.

    While Biscayne National Park was established primarily for its natural features, it also preserves and tells the story of human history over 10,000 years. Nearly every island in the park has evidence of use by native peoples and below the water’s surface are the remains of many shipwrecks. The park’s Maritime Heritage Trail, which is accessible via scuba and/or snorkel, offers an exciting opportunity to explore the remains of six shipwrecks, spanning nearly a century and a wide variety of sizes and vessel types.

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